Say goodbye to paper catalogs,
to-do lists and spreadsheets
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Manage your business
on the go
Close sales, follow up with clients and discover new leads anytime, anywhere.
Focus on building
Automated follow ups and reminders to ensure business to-dos are always captured.
"Working on the go can be difficult, especially since I don't always have my computer with me. I can now message and respond to clients easily without having to fumble through logins, copying and pasting links, or waiting until I get home."
"Gone are the days of index cards, binders and big notebooks. Maven allows me to put my customers and their needs in the spotlight and makes me look like a rockstar!"
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What does Maven do?
Maven is a mobile app that enables selling on-the-go. Our co-founders first came up with the idea of Maven after talking to several friends in direct sales, who mentioned they largely used paper-based systems to manage their businesses, and were on the lookout for a tool that could help. After talking to more than 100 consultants across multiple brands we launched our mobile app.
Maven has a few key features:
  • A mobile-accessible product catalog with easy sharing via text, Facebook Messenger, email and other communication channels.
  • A lightweight, social CRM to keep all your contacts in one place. You can view all purchases made by your customers easily and contact them on multiple communication channels, including text, Facebook messenger, email or a phone call.
  • Analytics to track your personal sales volume for the month and a record of past sales.
  • Daily, auto-generated to dos that provide reminders to set your monthly sales goal, reach out to clients after a purchase, re-engage with clients if they haven’t made a purchase in some time, and wish a client happy birthday (among other to dos).
  • Integrations with Instagram to make it easier for your followers to purchase the products you post.
2. How much does Maven cost?
While we are in beta mode, Maven is free. We plan on begin charging for Maven late Spring 2017.
3. Do you have Android support?
Not yet! This is something we’re working on and plan to have support for Android late 2017. If you want to stay up to date on when we’ll have Android support ready for you, contact us.
4. What does does Maven need to work?
We provide a tool for you to populate data about your customers automatically, without having to enter the data manually. The data needed to generate automated to dos and view your clients and their purchases includes: customer information (name, contact info) and their purchases (what products were purchased, how much was paid and when the order was placed). We never store any credit card information or bank information and will never contact a customer on your behalf.
5. I sell outside of the U.S. Does Maven support languages other than English?
We currently only support Maven in U.S. English and U.S. currency-based transactions. If you sell outside of the U.S., we’d love to hear from you as we prepare to support consultants in other countries!