Say hello to AMI,
Your Personal Assistant
Run Your Business With Confidence
AMI (Automated Mobile Intelligence) is your efficient personal assistant, helping you stay on top of your business by making it easier to foster customer relationships and sell more throughout your busy day.
Manage your business on the go
Close sales, follow up with clients and share quick links to your bestsellers anytime, anywhere.
Generate sales and recruiting leads through Instagram
Link social media posts to products and your personal brand. Track engagement an impact on your monthly revenue.
Build customer relationships with AMI-powered To Dos
Automated follow ups and reminders to ensure business to dos are always completed at the optimal time and with pre-filled messages based on best practices from top earners.
Learn how your team can be
Maven is a GAME CHANGER for my business. Everything that I wanted to do to get my business organized, Maven has it! It's making my follow up and presence on social media amazing and efficient. 10 out of 10 recommend. Take your direct sales business seriously? You NEED Maven.
Denise D.
I can't tell you how many hours of data entry this app has saved me. I'm more than thrilled to have AMI do it for me. Now I can focus on relationships with my clients, and not get bogged down in the paperwork. Because AMI and Maven are working for me today, I get to take it easy and rest. It feels great!
Megan K.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. What is AMI?

AMI stands for Automated Mobile Intelligence. Think of AMI as your personal assistant. AMI reduces the time and effort required to stay on top of your business. AMI syncs with your backoffice, eliminating the need to manually enter order and customer information and she generates reminders for you to reach out to customers without you needing to create to do lists. With AMI, you can focus more time on the most important part of your business: fostering relationships.

2. What functionality is included in the app?

Our app enables selling on-the-go. Our cofounders first came up with the idea of Maven after talking to over a 100 consultants in the direct sales industry, who mentioned they largely used paper-based systems to manage their businesses. We launched our mobile app, powered by our AMI (Automated Mobile Intelligence) technology, to solve their pain points.

There are several key features:

  • A mobile-accessible product catalog with easy sharing via text, Facebook Messenger, email and other communication channels.
  • A lightweight, social CRM to keep all your contacts in one place. You can view all purchases made by your customers easily and contact them on multiple communication channels, including text, Facebook messenger, email or a phone call.
  • Analytics to track your personal sales volume for the month and a record of past sales.
  • Integrations with Instagram to make it easier for your followers to purchase the products you post.
  • Daily, auto-generated To Dos powered by AMI that provide reminders to set your monthly sales goal, reach out to clients after a purchase, re-engage with clients if they haven’t made a purchase in some time, and wish a client happy birthday (among other To Dos).
  • Automated, daily backoffice syncing that ensures you don't need to manually enter all the customers and their orders already logged in your backoffice (workstation).
3. How much does AMI cost?
There are two different plans we offer. Our Basic Plan is free, and includes all our non-AMI powered features. We offer our AMI-powered Premium Plan to consultants whose companies have an official partnership with Maven.

For our AMI-powered features (automated backoffice syncing and daily To Dos) you can #hireami by selecting our Premium Plan, which costs $7.99 per month. View more details about our plans and pricing (including costs for non-US based consultants) on our pricing page.

If your company has partnered with Maven, you have access to a free, 30-day trial of the Premium Plan when you first download the app.
4. What does does Maven need to work?
We require a partnership with your direct sales company for access to some of our AMI-powered functionality, which includes automated syncing with your backoffice so you don't have to manually enter customer and order information into Maven. Contact us to learn more about how to bring Maven to your direct sales company.
5. I sell outside of the U.S. Does Maven support languages other than English?
We support consultants in English-speaking countries including the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Email us at: [email protected]. Reach out to us so we can notify you as soon as support is available in your language.