The power of follow-up in the palm of your hand

Maven gives you the freedom to run your business throughout your busy day, whether you’re waiting to pick up the kids from school or meeting a friend for coffee.

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Build and grow your connections while spending less time managing your day-to-day tasks.

Maven knows your time is precious and prioritizes your daily reach-outs to make sure your business stays consistent, giving you more time to spend on what truly matters.

Our Mavens...
Stay Organized

Find your business contacts quickly by name, lifetime order value, and when you added them, making it easy to communicate with the right contacts while on-the-go.

Follow Up Consistently

Automated 2-2-2 customer follow-up reminders ensure you’re reaching out to the right people at the right time.

Make Connections On Multiple Channels

Connections can happen on the fly over Facebook Messenger and text instead of staying buried in email inboxes, or dare we say—forgotten.

Provide Rockstar Customer Service

Never forget a customers’ or team members’ birthday with automated reminders and make customers feel special with personalized wishlists.

What our Mavens are saying

What I love about Maven is that I can follow-up with my customers with a simple tap on my phone while I wait for the kids to get out of school, during practices or while waiting in line at the grocery. Way better than having to carry my thick, messy follow up binder with me!

Marie G., Consultant for 6.5 years

Once I figured out how to use Maven and what I was supposed to do, Maven was magical. I now work my business every day, and I get results. It’s so easy that I feel like I’m not even working.

Renee S., Consultant for 3 years

I’m a divorced mom of two boys and I have a big corporate job with big corporate stress, so my direct sales business is my side hustle escape. The big thing missing for me was a way to follow up with my customers. I tried to keep up manually, or by memory (no bueno), but it just wasn’t efficient. Thank goodness for Maven! Now I can quickly capture who ordered what and the follow up is a breeze. Such a blessing! My customers especially love how easily (and regularly!) I reach out to them.

Margaret B., Consultant for 2 years
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